9 months in waiting…


I woke up this morning and realized it’s August 28th, one day before our due date.  I can’t believe how fast these past 9 months have just flown by.  I’ve wanted to blog about all of my feelings and thoughts about being pregnant since I don’t keep a real journal.  I don’t want to forget all of my ‘firsts’!

We found out we were pregnant on Friday, December 30th at about 6:45am.  We had our alarm set for 7:30am because we were going on our annual New Years cabin trip with my family but for some reason I woke up earlier.  I randomly decided to take a test and I didn’t want to wake up Mike due to the past 10 months of negative test results.  When it came out positive, I couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited and just felt so humble and grateful that it was finally our time to be parents.  After a few minutes alone, I crawled back in bed and waited for the alarm to go off before telling Mike our news.  It was such a blessing to be the only one (besides Heavenly Father) for about 30 minutes to know that we were expecting.  Once Mike woke up, I told him and we both were just so excited.  He didn’t believe me at first because we had been trying for so long.  We just cuddled and talked about how happy we were that were finally having a baby!

We told my family about the baby on January 12th.  We have it on video and will post it soon!  🙂

We told Mike’s family the day after we got home from Walt Disney World (January 23)!  We have a fun video of that too!

The first trimester was pretty hard but not terrible by any means.  I was pretty exhausted all day long and nauseated for the first several weeks.  The only time I actually threw up was when my very loving husband ate his vienna sausages…. the smell just got to me and I couldn’t keep it in any longer!  Poor Mike felt SO bad about it!  However, he learned that I truly was very sensitive to smells and he never did that again!  🙂 On February 23rd, we had our 13 week appointment and found out we are having a BOY!!!  We were so excited and really surprised we found out so early.  Our little man wasn’t anxious at all so it made it really easy for our Dr. to see.  We couldn’t be more happy he is a BOY!!

The second trimester was incredible!  I started getting my energy back and just loved being pregnant!  It was so fun to start getting my baby bump and I just felt awesome!  My mom took me shopping for some maternity clothes and we had a blast together!  I started feeling the baby move around 18 weeks and it was the most amazing experience ever.  As the weeks passed, I could feel him more and more and he got stronger and stronger.  Mike was able to feel him for the first time on April 29th.  He LOVES to feel him move!

My third trimester has also been Amazing!  I have loved having my baby belly even though I don’t love the pics of me with it!  It is so fun to watch my belly shift from side to side or be totally lop sided because he is getting SO big!  I LOVE feeling him move and especially when he gets the hicups!  Mike also loves to feel him when he has them too!  I just feel so truly blessed to be pregnant and can’t wait to meet our little boy!  We haven’t decided on a name yet but our favorites are Andrew, Clark, Luke, and Brigham.  His middle name will for sure be Michael, we will just wait to see his sweet face before knowing his name!

My incredible parents have been so helpful and supportive!  My dad is building his crib which has turned out to be a much bigger project then he first thought.  He teases me a lot about doing it but I know deep down he is really excited to do it!  My mom made his crib blanket and it’s ADORABLE!!  I’m totally in love with it.  They are the best examples and I’ve learned a lot from them about being perfect parents!  Our baby is so blessed to have them as Grandparents!

Mike and I just feel so blessed and are so grateful to becoming parents.  I’m getting really nervous and anxious about it but I’m really excited!  Mike is going to be such an amazing dad and I’m so thankful he is my husband.  He has been an incredible support throughout the whole pregnancy.  Every night for the past 9 months, he has given me a foot massage, am I lucky or what?!  He is such a huge blessing in my life.  I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us and trusting us with one of his children.  I can’t wait to be a mom!! 

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