Big Update :)


Once again, I’ve been a slacker at updating our blog.  Here we go with another update!



March 30th- Mike gave his dad a pair of Jazz tickets for his 50th birthday back in January.  The game he chose to go to was against Sacramento Kings… mainly to see Jimmer!  They had a great time spending time together.  It was a much needed boys night out!





April 5th- Mike’s dad bought us a peach tree for his birthday so him and Brian came over to help Mike plant it in the back yard.  It will be so fun once it starts producing fruit!






April 9th- Darin surprised us with a fun long weekend visit home.  It was Easter weekend and Rachel and Kayden were here but Darin wasn’t going to make it.  But surprise… he came too!  It was so fun to have them all here for a few days.  The night before Darin left, he invited Mike and my dad to go golfing at Mt. Ogden golf course.  Mom and I wanted to tag along so we rented an extra cart and enjoyed the evening together.

April 1st- Mike’s 25th Birthday!!  I can’t believe he is 25 already!  We celebrated with a fun party between the Sunday General Conference Sessions at my parents house.  We had a yummy BBQ and opened presents.  All of our neices and nephews gave him a cute card and Kellie’s had a scavenger hunt map inside of hers.  It was so cute!  I gave him some sweet American Eagle shoes, the 1st Complete Season of Star Trek- The Next Generation, and building patterns for a changing table.  He got lots of fun things from both family’s as well.  He was a very happy boy!



April 20th- We invited mom and dad to go to Tucanos together down at the Gateway in SLC.  They had never been and we’ve only gone once with Darin and Rachel.  It was super yummy and we all had a great afternoon together.  I’d have to say that my favorite part is the unbelievably delicious grilled pineapple… it’s like heaven in my mouth!!  So so good!!

That night my mom and dad performed in their stake musical production,  ‘The Lamb of God’ written by Rob Gardner.  It was Amazing!!  My dad spent countless days and hours getting it all prepared to be a wonderful production. There was a full choir and orchestra that was just incredible.  My mom was one of the soloists and she did an amazing job, as usual.  It had an incredible message about the final days before Christs’ death and resurrection.  What a great testimony builder.  I’m so blessed to have such wonderful parents.




April 24th- My awesome cousin Justin gave us free tickets to the Jazz Game… they played the Phoenix Suns.  It was a pretty sweet game!  It was the game that solidified the Jazz’z spot in the playoffs!  Cory, Ryan, and Mike were on their feet screaming through 2/3 the game!  It was so fun to watch them watch the game.  What a great night!
April 28th-30th- Mom treated Jami and I to Women’s Conference down at BYU in Provo.  It was such a wonderful few days to spend with just my mom and sister.  Michelle was missed dearly!  We listened to some inspiring speakers about marriage and family.  So uplifting!  My mom taught me how to crochet and I made a 4 foot purple scarf for one of the service projects they had set up for us to do during each session.  So fun!  Thanks again mom for taking us!



May 6th-  We went on our typical evening walk to the park, which is what we try to do on a daily basis.  I had Mike take a picture of me since it’s been several weeks since the latest ‘belly picture’!  *23 weeks*





May 9th-  This was a day that I’d been looking for for several weeks… as the day got closer however, I got super nervous. We were scheduled for our Target Ultrasound.  Even though we get an ultrasound every 4 weeks, this one really made me nervous!  I even cried when I left work to go to the appt.  I’m so lucky to have Mike be to every appointment.  He is always so comforting and says all the right words to make me calm down.  Once we got started with the ultrasound, all my fears and worries went away.  I LOVE seeing our baby!  He is growing so big and everything looks great.  The ultrasound tech showed us all of his organs, fingers, toes…. you name it, she showed us!  My favorite part was when she zoomed in on his heart.  We could easily see all 4 chambers of his heart and it was amazing to see it pumping.  Our baby is such a miracle!

The last 2 months have been awesome.  We feel so blessed to be where we are in life.  Being pregnant has sure been a huge blessing.   I’m loving every minute of it.  Now that the baby is over 2 pounds, I’m feeling him move more than ever.  It is so AMAZING to feel him.  Mike has been able to feel him now as well and he gets so excited every time.  I’m really excited to be a mom and I feel so thankful to my Father in Heaven for blessing us with a baby.  Yes, I am incredibly nervous and I can’t think about it too much or I go crazy but my excitement over rules it.  We’ve been getting things ready in the nursery and it’s feeling more and more real.  I found myself standing in his room just imaging what it will be like to have our baby here… it will be so fun!  Mike will be such a good daddy!  I can’t wait!

Our little man


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  1. Loved the update Beebs!! You have that beautiful “I’m going to be a mommy” glow!! Love you!! Keep the updates coming:)

    • Thanks Court! We’ve talked about a few names but nothing has really hit us yet. Our top 2 so far are Andrew or Clark. Noah and Logan are also in the running. I Love reading your blog too! You do such a great job with it! 🙂

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