2012 has begun with LOTS of exciting News!!


What a wonderful year it has been so far!  I will sum up the past 3 months in hopefully a short yet detailed way.  I don’t ever want to forget the year 2012!!

December 30th, 2011 was a day that changed our family forever!  We found out that we are expecting our first baby!!  After many months of trying to bring a little one to add to our family, I was getting pretty discouraged.  On Friday the 30th, I woke up pretty early before Mike did and just randomly decided to take a test.  To my great surprise, it was positive!!  I was in shock but SO so excited.  I decided to not wake up Mike due to our alarm going off in an hour.  I got back in bed and just laid there thinking and praying to my Father in Heaven with so much gratitude.  I loved having that one hour being the only one who knew the exciting news.  Once the alarm went off, Mike rolled over and saw me wide awake and smiling.  He asked me what was wrong and I said nothing, I’m just happy!  ‘Why?’ he asked and I told him the news.  We both just laid there in total shock but complete happiness.  We are just so excited!!  The hardest thing was keeping it a secret.  We were headed to Disney World with my whole family in January and I wanted to wait til we were all together to tell our secret!  Those were the longest 2 1/2 weeks ever!!

January 12-21st – Walt Disney World!!  We had such a great time.  We went and stayed off property in this incredible house that we rented for the whole time we were gone.  It was so fun to be with Mike and experience his first time at WDW together.  We went to all of the parks and stayed from open to close.  Mike’s favorite ride was ‘Star Tours’ at Disney Studios and mine was ‘Test Track’ at Epcot or ‘Splash Mountain’ in Magic Kingdom.  We loved the sunshine and fun memories we made together.  We also went to Kennedy Space Center with my parents and hit up the beach on our way home.  What a great time we all had together!

February 23rd- We had our 12 week Dr. appt and ultrasound and found out that we are having a BOY!!  I was in shock that we were able to find out so early.   Our Dr. asked us about 1/2 way through the ultrasound if we were wanting to know the gender of our baby.  We both said yes without hesitation.  ‘I’ve got a really good view if you want to know today’, he said.   At that point, I got HUGE butterflies and asked him how sure he was.  He said 99% then told us he is a BOY!  We both were so excited!!  We told both of our families that night and they were thrilled!

March 10th- We went on our first bike ride of the season!  It felt so good to finally be out of the house and soaking up some nice sun!  We live in such a great place to be active.  We love Riverdale!

March 13th-  Mike’s little sister Rachel got married to Jon Smith in the SLC temple.  It was a beautiful day and a wonderfulceremony.  She just looked gorgeous and we are excited to get to know our new brother!  The reception was beautiful and lots of dear friends and family came to support the happy couple!

March 22- Another Dr. appt and ultrasound.  I love that I have one at every appt. and get to have a dvd of each one.  It’s crazy to watch how fast he is growing.  It was fun to watch him kick his legs and move all around.  The other thing I love about our dr. is that he always points out the baby’s heart beating.  It’s so amazing for me to watch it beating inside his little body.  We are already so in love with our son!!  Can’t wait!!

March 22-24th- We painted our ugly red room!!  Finally!  Mike, my sister Jami, and my dad all did an incredible job!  The help was great since I couldn’t really do much.  It looks amazing and I’m so happy we did it.  It went from a deep fire engine red to a beautiful light brown with dark brown stipple texture.  We LOVE it!!  We still have some touch up work to finish but overall it’s awesome!

March 23-  My mom called me while my dad and sister were over painting to tell me that she found Mike on the UTA bus.  Short explanation… he was asked to participate in this photo shoot at Weber State for there upcoming marketing calendar (don’t worry, he was fully clothed 🙂  He not only did a fantastic job but they wanted his photo to be on the front cover.  A few weeks later, he is told that the picture they loved so much will also be featured on a few UTA buses.  That is huge!!  A few weeks ago, we were getting texts from friends that they saw the bus in downtown SLC but we hadn’t seen it yet.  So when my mom called, I dropped everything I was doing and jumped in the car with my camera.  My mom was determined for me to see him.  She followed the bus the whole way down Riverdale Road and I was able to see it and get a pic of my own.  I’m so proud of him and it’s so fun to see him driving around town 🙂

Well that’s been the past 3 months in a nutshell.  We are so happy and so thankful for our many blessings.  We are just loving our life right now and couldn’t imagine anything different.  I’m so thankful for my loving hubby and all he does for all little family!


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  1. So excited for you guys!
    I saw that bus, it cracked me up because it was so unexpected. I saw it out Ben’s car window and said, “There’s Mike!” and he had no idea what I was talking about at first!

  2. We are so excited for you guys to have a boy!! It sounds like you have been busy with some great stuff. We miss you guys!

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