Mary Poppins


Last weekend, my parents took us to see Mary Poppins at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake City.  It was SO fun!!  My brother had come to town for a long weekend so he was able to go too.  We went to dinner at Brick Oven Pizza in Layton, then headed to the show.  It was a little different than I was expecting but it was really fun!  Apparently the musical follows more of the book than the Disney movie.  The music was great and the set was incredible!  It was so fun to be with my parents, my sister, niece, and brother.  We also ran into my cousin Courtney who was here from out of town and it was so fun to chat with her for a few minutes.  After the show, we waited outside for awhile and the cast members starting coming out.  We saw the main girl, ‘Jane’, and we stopped her for a quick picture.  My niece Ashley was just in amazement!  She felt so special to meet her.  All in all, it was a great night!  Thanks mom and dad!  

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