Peaches… Love


Last Saturday (sept. 10th), I went up to Brigham City for Peach Days!  Mike was away at a fun chamber choir retreat so he wasn’t able to make it.  The parade was a total blast and  I had a super great time with all of my extended family that got together.  Peach Days is one of my favorite things during the year and this year was no exception.  I do wish my mom and dad could have been there but they will be for sure next year.  Jami, Ashley, Alacia, and I walked around the fun booths and did a little shopping.  So Fun!

Beautiful Alacia

Me and Whitney

Ryan and Tucker

After we had lunch, I met up with Mike and we traveled to Logan to celebrate his sister’s birthday.  We ate an early dinner together and went on a tour of her new apartment at USU.  It was great to be with them too!  Before we returned South, we stopped by his Grandma’s house and she so lovingly gave us a lawn mower and weed eater… for Free!!  We have been so blessed with such given family members!

All in all, we had a great weekend.  It was packed with lots of laughs, yummy food, and good memories.  I sure do love being with our family!


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