Adventurous Weekend…


We sure had a fun/romantic/crazy busy weekend!  To start it all off… trying to unpack as many boxes as possible before we left for Lava Hot Springs.  We went up there to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary.  I’ve never been there (at least that I can remember) and Mike went once in High School.  It was SO fun and so relaxing.  We stayed in a beautiful B & B just outside of Lava.  We stayed in the ‘Phantom’s Lair’ and had a great time together.  The next morning we went to the hot springs.  They aren’t joking when they say the water temp is between 102-112 degrees… it was stifling!!  It really was fun to spend 2 days together to relax after a week full of boxing all of our belongings and cleaning the house and apartment.

Anniversary flowers

Having some tasty dinner at the Royal Hotel




















After Lava, we headed up to Idaho Falls to have a birthday party for my cute niece Katelyn and to be there for baby Andie’s blessing on Sunday.  We sure had a fun time being with my family.  We talked for hours… went to a movie… and ate lots of yummy food!  The best part…. putting more plans together for our family vacation to Walt Disney World!!  More info on that later 🙂

We finished the weekend off by buying our first dining room table!!  All of our furniture has been great… lots of borrowed items… some from KSL classifieds… we truly have been blessed in the furniture department.  However, my one request was to have a brand new table, that has only been ours!!  My amazing husband agreed to it and after a few weeks of window shopping… talking….and saving money, we found OUR table!  It is gorgeous!  Mike started putting it together last night and I’m SO EXCITED!!  I truly have the best husband in the world!

Our beautiful Chestnut table!


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