My hero, my friend


My mom is the most incredible person I’ve ever met.  We go have our mommy-daughter dates on almost a weekly basis… usually lunch and a movie and sometimes shopping.  Next to my husband, she is my very best friend.  She is always there for me to offer advice or just be a listening ear.  My mom is such a huge example to me and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.  I’ve learned so many lessons about life and love by just watching her and my dad.

She has been given a challenge to start riding her bike 100 miles a week and she so lovingly asked me to participate with her.  Early Friday morning, we went down to Legacy Highway and rode our bikes for 10 miles and then Saturday morning, we went out to Roy and rode for another 10 miles.  It sure feels great to be outside before the sun comes up but the best part is just being with my mom.  I’m so excited to continue with this fun challenge with my mom.

She’s had some ups and downs throughout her life but she stays so positive.  When my mom was  only 31 years old, she lost her mom due to a stoke/heart attack.  I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for her to go through and it makes me cherish and appreciate the times I have with my mom even more.

My mom is truly an incredible woman, wife, and mother.  I am so thankful for all of the fun memories we’ve made so far and can’t wait to continue through life with her by my side.  Thank you mom for always helping me make right choices and be the best person I can be.  Thank you for always being such a great example of selflessness and teaching me about the importance of service.  I’m so thankful that you and Dad raised us kids to live and love the gospel. I am truly blessed to have you in my life as my mother and my best friend.  I love you.



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    • Hays your tribute is beautiful. Mom is amazing for sure. You said it just right: Mom is the queen is teaching and leading by example. You are both an inspiration to me. And good luck with your riding challenge. I’ll be riding right alongside you both… sort of.

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