We’ve had a great week catching up with our good old friends! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends that we get to spend time with.
First- My best friend from high school (Amy) came to visit this past week. She is currently working back in Boston and was able to come home for a few days. Mike and I had the fun opprotunity to go to the Ogden Rodeo with her. It was a great show and we had a blast catching up! She is so awesome!!

Next- Mike’s friend from high school (Rawson) invited us to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Pioneer Day concert with his wife down at the conference center. We had a hamburger cookout at a park on our way down which was super fun. The concert… AMAZING!! One of the guest soloists was Linda Eder. She was one of my childhood idols… her voice is incredible! The whole concert was centered around the armed forces so they sang some awesome patriotic music. I sure wish my Grandpa Olsen could have been there to hear it. We had a great time spending time with Rawson and his cute wife Melanie.

Last but not least- We had the fun job of babysitting my two of my nieces and two of my nephews while my sister and her husband spent the weekend at the cabin. They are such good kids and we had a total blast together. We watched a fun movie, had a sleepover in our apartment, made yummy breakfast, went mini golfing, and finished the night with fireworks. I’m so lucky to have my family so close by. We sure have lots of fun together!

My favorite part of the past few days has been spending so much extra time with my incredible husband. I’m so blessed to be married to him. He takes such good care of me and I just love him.

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