Fun Adventures!

Happy 4th of July!! We had a super fun and busy holiday. We went to the Riverdale parade with the Richards and hung out with them at the park/carnival. After we came home for a rest and then had a bbq that night at their house. We drove up to Brigham for the fireworks and spent a few hours with Mike’s family. It was a great holiday!

This past Saturday (July 2nd) we went on a super fun date together. We went down to the Riverside golf course in Riverdale and hit a couple bucket of balls on the driving range. Afterwards, we went up Ogden Canyon at had dinner by the river at The Oaks. It was so fun!

Our good friend from high school got married in the Bountiful Temple the day after we got home from Mexico. It was a beautiful ceremony. Probably the best I’ve been too yet (besides my own). The sealer said such wonderful advice that was great for us to hear as well. I love the temple!

We completed our first ever 10k race in Bear Lake. It was a total blast! Mike did an excellent job and ran the whole thing. Me on the other hand… I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the lake and mainly walked. We really had a great time and want to make it a tradition! Hopefully next year we’ll train a little more for it!

I’m missing this sweet little boy a lot! It was fun to hang out with him and Darin for a few hours while he was packing there apartment. Good think we have great technology and can skype. We did that on Sunday for about 40 minutes and it was great fun!


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