May- Zoo, Camping, Graduation, Memorial Day

As for the month of May…. it was awesome but went by too fast!

Our Beautiful flowers finally bloomed. I’m still LOVING the wedding present Mike made me. I enjoy walking by it each time I come home from work… it just makes me happy.
Mike and I had the fun project of making drapes for our bedroom. It was so fun to pin and sew together. They really do help keep the light out too!

My sister Michelle and her cute family came down from Idaho to spend some time with us… well really, her and Brady were going to the U2 concert together! Darin, Kayden, Michelle, Brady, Kellie, Katelyn, and I went and spent the day at Hogle Zoo. It was super fun to look at all of the animals and spend some good quality time together!

The weekend before Memorial Day we went camping with Mike’s dad up in Mantua. It was Beautiful! David went up early and got our awesome camp site right next to the huge river. It was perfect! He made us yummy dutch oven dinner and breakfast but best of all, we stayed up late just talking together. It rocked!

We woke up to very unwanted snow on Memorial Day. It made it a little more difficult to visit the cemetery but we were successful. We had a lovely time visiting Derek’s grave in the morning. It was really hard on Mike but I know he needed the time.
We had our annual Memorial Day luncheon with the Olsen side of our fam. We went up to the Brigham City cemetery for the military program and to visit my grandparents grave. This is the first time we were together without Grandpa. It was pretty hard… many tears were shed… but we felt his present. We know that he is happy and enjoying his reunion with Grandma!
Rachel graduated from Sky View High School! It was fun to go watch the ceremony and spend time with Grandma Jasper. It was a super fun day!


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