Winter Blues

The other day, I decided that I have seasonal depression. I try to be a happy, go-lucky kinda girl. The past few weeks have been great and we’ve been so blessed but I’ve been really irritable. Mike get’s the brunt of my blues and he is usually very supportive and helpful when I’m having a rough day. Exercising and eating better is definitely helping but I still have terribly low days. Well on Thursday, I had a wonderful talk with my mom about staying positive and trying my best to not get so down. She encouraged me to go see a Dr. if I think it’s that bad. My mom is the best. After our conversation, I had some errands to run. So I’m headed to Riverdale and out of the blue, wet-salty tears just start flowing from my eyes. I was so confused because I was pumped from my discussion with mom but yet I was crying. That was one of the lowest days I’ve had in awhile. So I thought I’d call and see if my adorable niece and nephews wanted to go shopping with me because they usually cheer me up quick. Sure enough they wanted to come and we had a great time together. They are such great kids and they make me so happy. I’m so blessed to have such great caring and loving family members around me. After our errands, I treated them to dinner at Brick Oven Pizza in Layton. They were absolutely perfect and just what I needed. When I got home that night and Mike got home from school, we talked about what I discovered today and my thoughts/feelings about depression. He was so great to just listen to me. I explained how I hate being ornery/mad but not being able to stop and change my mood. I realize I’m doing it but I have an inner battle with myself and can’t get out of the low feelings. Since my talk with Mike and my mom, I feel so much better for just explaining my thoughts and having them know what’s going on in my mind. I love them both so much. I’ve got faith that things will start looking up from here on out. And plus… we woke up yesterday morning to the sound of singing birds…. it was Perfect.


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