This past Monday morning, Mike, his mom and I headed down to the Ogden City courthouse for yet another hearing in Derek’s case. Derek is Mike’s younger brother who was killed in a tragic car accident nearly two years ago. The driver of the car was drunk and was fleeing the police when his car hit Derek and his roommate Blake. (To read more on the story, please click here). Monday was supposed to begin the 3-day trial but instead, Mark Mora pleaded guilty. What a relief. He has not yet been sentenced but at least he is finally in custody.
We had a great day being together. The Strebel family came over to my in-laws house for a news interview and we were able to all sit and talk with each other. It was so fun to reminisce about the boys and all the fun memories we shared with them.Mike has forgiven Mark Mora for what he did but he also feels so good that justice is being served, finally. What a relief for the Jasper and Strebel families. Derek was such an amazing boy and we know that he is serving his mission on the other side. It will sure be a glorious day when we can all be together again.
Derek- We Love and Miss you so much.


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