New Car :)


Mike and I have been so blessed to never have a car loan. The only debt we’ve had is from my wedding ring which we paid off within 9 months and my hygiene instruments which we paid off about 8 months ago. We’ve always been on the same page with money and we would much rather save it than spend it. So for the past 2 months, Mike’s car has been giving us quite the rollercoaster rides! It’s been in and out of the shop 4 times and we’ve just been putting money after money in it. So a few weeks ago, we decided it was time to sell and buy a newer, more reliable car. So I’ve been checking on KSL daily and have been checking other classifieds. We went and test drove a toyota corolla, honda civic, and honda accord. Nothing really jumped out and bit us. And most of the places laughed when we said we want to pay cash. Well, one day last week, I found an add about a Hyundai Tuscon that fit all of our criteria: less than $9,000, around 50,000 miles, clean, and reliable. So we called a few days later and took it for a spin. We instantly fell in love with it! We were able to take it home for the night and show our parents. Both of our families were great help and had great ideas and suggestions. My dad’s opinion means a lot to me and he really liked the car so I knew we were doing well. So the next night, we went back down to pay for it and had a HORRIBLE experience. I don’t want to go into details but we walked out of the dealership upset and car-less. The next morning, the manager called to say they would give it to us for $700 less than the first quoted amount so we said we’d take it. We drove down that night and bought the car. I’ve never written such a large check but we feel so blessed to be able to do that. We don’t ever need to pay a payment on it and I couldn’t be more happy!! Each time we drive it, we fall more in love with it. My favorite parts: it’s a small SUV so we are up off the ground, it has tinted windows, and airbags all the way to the back window. It’s super safe and is an all around great car. The only thing I was worried about was selling Mike’s car. We didn’t do a trade-in because the price was a joke. We put it on KSL classifieds yesterday morning at 11:50 am. Less than 30 seconds of it being online, Mike got a call from a family in West Valley and they wanted to come take it for a ride. An hour later they were here and 30 minutes after that, we had cash in our hands and the car was driving away. Like I’ve said before, we are so blessed! I know that our Father in Heaven looks out for us and has helped us make this huge decisions. I know we are so blessed because we are faithful in paying our tithing and fast offerings. What a testimony building experience for me!


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