Sunday Roast

Last Saturday night, Mike and I did our weekly grocery shopping down at Macey’s (where Mike used to work). We went straight back to the fresh produce area to get lots of fruits and veggies. We then ran into one of Mike’s former co-workers who was doing a food presentation. She told us about the meal she was sampling and she gave us a taste. It was yummy! She then told us that Macey’s was having a deal on a crock-pot roast recepie. We got a 3lb rump roast, 5 lb bag of potatoes, 1lb bag of carrots, 1 onion, dry onion soup mix, 2 cans golden mushroom soup, and a bag of 12 rolls for $15 bucks. WHAT A DEAL! The roast alone was $14.68… so basically we bought the roast and got all the fixings for free! So I took the roast over to my mom’s and cut it into 3, 1lb portions and vacuum sealed them so we can continue using our great meal deal! So, last Sunday, I made my very first roast and veggies. It was super yummy!! I had to take a picture to document the deliciousness…


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