Wow… I’m 23 already, that sounds a lot older than 22!! With the depressing number of age set aside, the day was great!! I worked all day… which turned out to be way fun. I got lots of fun phone calls from family members and had a way fun time at my birthday party put on by my family. Mike was so wonderful and treated me like a princess all day. He’s the best!! He gave me some great presents…. the book, “Eat, Pray, Love”, the movie, “Letter’s to Juliet”, President Monson’s new biography, some fun decorations for our house, some awesome socks… it was Perfect! I got more house decorations, clothes, and a fabulous purse from the rest of the fam. It was great. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so special on my special day! Love you!

This is the cute decoration my parents gave me… I can change out the blocks according to the season/month. Love it!!

I LOVE both of these movies!!! I can’t wait to read EPL!

I’m to glad Mike gave this to me… President Monson has been my favorite ever since I can remember. I’m excited to start reading more about him!

Mom and dad gave me this great clutch with matching purse… I think it’s a sign that I need to be more “girlie”!!

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