Things I’m thankful for…


After 5 long days of working, I had some time to finally relax this afternoon and think about all the many blessings Mike and I have. Here are just a few things I was thinking about today (in no particular order) that I’m thankful for:

– My loving Husband and best friend
– My incredible parents
– The gospel
– The beautiful fall leaves
– Our apartment
– My 3 jobs
– Mike’s job
– Weber State being so close
– The power of music
– Living so close to both of our families
– 2 working cars, with no car payments
– Weight watchers
– Thunder and lightening – when it’s not too close
– Working out at the gym everyday with my hubby
– Great friends and extended family
– The Temple
– Grey’s Anatomy / Modern Family
– Chocolate peanut butter and/or playdough ice cream
-Fresh, toasty sheets on the bed
– Randomly being able to play the piano

I’ve had a great day just thinking and pondering to myself. I have an incredible life and feel so blessed to have such a great family and circle of friends.

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