My very best friend Kara, called the other day and said that the Dental office she is currently working in, is hiring for Monday’s. That’s one day that I haven’t been working as a Hygienist. I jumped right on it and took in a resume. I really liked the atmosphere in the office and the Dr. seemed very very nice. He didn’t have time to interview me then but said he’d call me. Kara then called me later that night and said he wanted to hire me and start this coming Monday!! She said she told him all about me and he really liked what he heard!! Dr. Packard called me the next day and offered me the job!! I’m SO excited and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend like Kara. I’m so thankful for our Father in Heaven who keeps an eye on us and gives us such wonderful opportunities to grow and progress. I’m really excited to be working 3 full days of hygiene. I’m sad to not be with my dad everyday and work with him in his office but I’m happy I get to be with him for 1 1/2 days a week. Live couldn’t be better!!


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