Peach Days :)


What a Great day!! We stared out with making a delicious breakfast for us and Mike’s younger brother Brian who stayed the night at our house. We then cruised our way up to Brigham with my mom for Peach Days. We met lots and lots of our family there and we just had a blast!!

The parade was awesome! After that my mom and sister’s walked us through their old house, which at that time was a very nice mortuary, (now a Coldwell Banker’s office) and told us lots of fun stories as we went from room to room.

We then walked up the street and got legendary ‘Scuba burgers’ and ate them on the lawn of the City Hall. We just wandered up and down main street, window shopping and eating yummy Idle Isle chocolates.
Once we all got pretty tired of walking, we went over to my aunts and just sat around and talked with all of the family. It was such an incredible day!! I LOVED watching my mom reminisce with her sisters about their childhood and talking with such great people. I’m so happy we’re going to make it a tradition again!

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